Mul-Mul Cotton this Summer

I remember my mom wearing soft cotton sarees especially in summers , when I hug her , I used to feel so much comfortable and cozy with the fabric she is wearing apart from her warmth. I always used to love when she wears those soft cottons and enjoy these soft breathable cottons . Even now when I wear a cotton saree I can easily pull it off the entire day. I feel much comfortable and easy in those sarees.

I have collaborated with Sam collections to showcase this beautiful Mul-Mul cotton saree. I chose this geometrical print blocked in three different colors which made me feel so special with the fabric and the print. It comes with a black patterned running blouse same as pallu but I styled it with Ikkat blouse which turned out beautiful. 

The Mul-Mul Cotton in India is known to be one of the finest materials in the country. The Block Print Mul-Mul Saree has one of the softest cotton, and is loved by everyone. It is very light to wear, and very easy to carry- one of the reasons why the women prefer wearing the mul-mul cotton. This lightweight, super soft and breathable cotton fabric is great for summer, particularly harsh summers, since it readily absorbs moisture and keeps the wearer cool and it only gets softer with every wash. 

I styled this saree with a beautiful Peacock Matte finish Handcrafted Jewelry from Quilsspills

Sam Collections , they have a wide variety of sarees and latest collection of Mul-Mul cotton sarees with different printed designs at an affordable price.  These mul-mul cotton sarees come with pom-poms with either block prints or designs which make your summer bright . Check out their page HERE


Jewelry : Quilsspills