DIY Body Butter Recipe

This body butter is great recipe with Unrefined Shea Butter , Unrefined Cocoa butter and Unrefined Coconut Oil with lavender fragrance which literally melts on your skin .

Why I use this Body Butter :

This body butter is made with unrefined , all-natural ingredients , which is good for skin. And I know what I am using on skin which makes my skin feel breathable with no added chemicals and alcohol which is often seen in store bought Body Butters. I prefer making my own skincare products than buying them in a store , not only because I can be sure of all the ingredients are all-natural, but also because I enjoy the process making it on my own.

I use this body butter on my 8 month old son as he has eczema and extra dry skin , I noticed his eczema got reduced a lot and his skin became soft and keeps it moisturized long way. I usually apply on him little after shower and throughly apply before he goes to bed to give it some time so that skin absorbs well. I used this my entire pregnancy especially on my tummy to keep my skin moisturized and I am still using it for my little stretch marks what I got in my 9th month pregnancy , I see a significant difference in fading away those stretch marks. My hubby loves it too , he is usually back of me to make it again if we ran over the body butter as he has dry skin too.

This truly become a skin care routine for our complete family.

Ingredients for Whipped Body Butter :

◦ 1 cup of Unrefined Cocoa Butter

◦ 1 cup of Unrefined Shea Butter

◦ 1 cup of Unrefined Coconut Oil

◦ 1 cup of Raw Almond Oil

◦ 10 drops of Vitamin E oil

◦ 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (optional)


Why use Cocoa Butter:

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Unrefined Cocoa Butter is loaded with many vitamins and nutrients and 100% pure with mild chocolate smell with these wonderful benefits :

◦ loaded with Vitamin K and E which is very good for skin

◦ it has anti-inflammatory agents reduce swelling and redness

◦ soothes light burns

◦ fights fine lines , wrinkles and reduces stretch marks

◦ enhances collagen production

◦ shields skin from pollution

Why use Shea Butter :

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Unrefined Shea Butter is the ultimate moisturizer , it’s creamy cookie-dough like texture although it’s a butter consistency it won’t block the pores and docent feel greasy. And it has no strong scent, it smells very mild nutty and pleasant. It’s nutrient rich for skin and loaded with vitamins A,E,F, antioxidants and essential fatty acids .It fades away scars and stretch marks . This ingredient works magical for relieving eczema.

Why use Lavender Oil :

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Love to use this ingredient in my Body Butter for its soothing and relaxing effect and ofcourse nice fragrance, who doesn’t like to use Lavender in their skin care routine.

Why use Almond Oil :

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Almond Oil has fast absorption rate and can penetrate the pores quickly and also works best for anti-inflammatory and eczema therapy. Antioxidants and vitamins in Almond oil makes the best ingredient for this body butter.

Why use Vitamin E Oil :

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Vitamin E improves the skin tone ,makes the skin soft and smooth and adds glow to your skin and also acts as anti-aging, which makes our body butter the best.

Why use Coconut oil:  

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When its comes to skin best moisturizer , Coconut oil comes first . It keeps the skin hydrating and because of its antibacterial properties in oil , it also reduces acne.

How to make Whipped Body Butter :

Step 1: Combine equal proportions of cocoa Butter , Shea Butter , Coconut Butter in a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Heat all ingredients over Medium Low heat in a Double boiler until the mixture is a liquid.

Do not heat directly as it looses it’s nutrients, remove the double boiler once the oil seems clear .

Step 3: Remove from heat , allow it to room temperature and add Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Lavender essential oil

Step 4: Now keep the mixture in fridge for 1 hour , until the mixture solidifies (see the texture in the image for reference).

Step 5: Remove it from fridge and using a hand mixer whip it continuously for at least 10 minutes until it’s fluffy and stiff peaks form .


Step 6: Keep it in fridge for 1 more hour and whip it again until its fluffy to get the Body butter done. This step is optional to make your body butter extra fluffy . I do this extra step for mine.

That’s it , Homemade Body butter is done 😍 Believe me you’ll get tempted to eat it seeing that extra soft silky butter with cocoa and lavender smell. 😀

Add the Body Butter to the Jars and enjoy !!

Shop the jars here : Plastic (BPA Free) Jars to store

Hope you enjoyed reading this Blog , see you all back with a beautiful post !! 🙂

Stay moisturized till then 😉




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