Yeouth Skin Care

Been using Yeouth Retinol 2.5% serum since a month now and I should say I am surprised with the results, my skin feels fresh again with minimal pores and it faded some spots and it really rejuvenated my skin !! Thanks to Vitamin E and Aloe Vera ingredients in it .

It should be used at the night time before bedtime, thankfully this has become a mandatory in my bed time routine.


It also reduces Fines lines on your skin , reduces acne, reduces sun damage …. We will need it as summer is almost there …. I would say this is simply all in one product which is much needed for the skin which everyone looks for!!

Directions :

Use only at night . Wet face and cleanse thoughroughly wait until the skin dry completely before applying .

Test it on hand or use it on your face once to try it out , if no skin irritation , use it every night

Buy Here :

Use promo code SOCIAL20 to get 20% off from Yeouth


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