Switzerland 🇨🇭 – 6 Day Itinerary 

Switzerland 🇨🇭 is one the most Beautiful places on earth 🌏, not that I have seen all other places on this earth but I felt how amazing is this planet after visiting Swiss. And this is one of mine and my hubby’s most dreamed vacation since long time .We have actually made a Europe trip visiting 3 countries … France 🇫🇷, Italy 🇮🇹 and Switzerland 🇨🇭 . 

In todays Blog , I am going to share the places I visited in Swiss and show you how beautiful they are ! And I am gonna share France and Italy in my later blogs . 

Out of our 15 day Europe trip , we spent 6 days in Switzerland. And we planned to visit Lucerene, Engelberg, Zermatt, Chur and two complete days in scenic trains 🚂 . We wanted our trip to be very relaxed and peaceful, so chose very few relaxing places and ended our trip with nothing but relaxed day long train journeys. We did not rush ourselves to cover all places but we made an attempt to just have nothing but sweet memories 💕

Day 1 , Lucerne

We started with Lucerene , as we want to visit the most beautiful bridge called as Chapel Bridge ! It is the most oldest surviving bridge and it stands as one of the main tourist attractions in Switzerland. 

              Every corner is 😍 beautiful ! 

                              Chapel Bridge 


             Outfit: I kept is simple and comfy 

               Surroundings are so beautiful !   

              A pic when I am on the Bridge ! 

You will find these hot roasted chestnuts near the bridge , those are to die for … if you happened to visit the bridge, don’t forget to eat these . 

Can you believe we ate authentic south Indian meal 🥘 in Lucerene! Tastes so yummy!! You can find many Indian restaurants near the Chapel Bridge . 

Day 2 ,Engelberg : 

We travelled from Lucerene to Engelberg in a train (Swiss Inter Rail) 🚂. I think it took around an hour in train to reach Engelberg. The reason we chose to visit Engelberg is to see Mt. Titlis , Swiss Alps as it is one of the most must see Swiss Alps. 

So as soon as we got there , I was so surprised to see it is a small place surrounded big and beautiful mountains and full of greenery. I was just amazed to be there . I became a kiddo and started freaking out and took numerous pictures. It was a dramatic landscape of magnificent mountains around me. 

Once we spend enough time taking pictures, we walked towards the Cable cars . We took tickets to the summit of the Titlis at the ticket desk at the valley station in Engelberg or they are also available online , or make sure you have a rail pass to get a discount. 

What you can do

  • Mt.Titlis is a day trip , it usually takes a day . 
  • It includes gandola ride , viewing Alps , Glacier Park , Ice Flyer . 
  • While coming down to Engelberg, don’t forget to visit Joghpass , its a must visit as it is very beautiful. 
  • Remember if you have a Swiss pass , you get a discount on the Mt. Titlis tickets . 
  • There are also guided tours available online.
  • Once you are at Mt. Titlis , do not forget to eat Swiss chocolate ice cream , its just heaven on earth. Its made with pure swiss milk. We totally enjoyed eating it. 
  • Don’t forget to get eat swiss chocolates too , they are absolute heaven, bcz they are made out of pure swiss milk , local made . We just loved being in heaven eating 🍫 chocolates. 

                           Mt. Titlis cable car 

                               Gandola Ride 

                   Glorious view of Mt. Titlis 

                        Glacier cave Exhibit 

                             Glacier cave 

                           Ice Flyer scenes

We spent a day at Mt. Titlis and while coming down in cable car we found a blue lake and out of curiosity we stopped at a stop . We were amazed to see a beautiful lake called Jochpass😍. 

                           Breathtaking view 😍😍

Once we spent enough time taking pictures we returned to Engelberg in cable car and surprised to see a south Indian cafeteria with very interesting menu like samosas, idly sambar 🤤 however we could not eat it as it was closed . In case you happened to visit Mt. Titlis make sure you see the timings of the cafeteria 😉😋

We returned to Lucerene (1 hour) in train 🚂 for a night . 

And the next day we traveled from Lucerene to Zermatt in Train. 

Day 3 , Zermatt : 

              View from the Zermatt station 😍

From the Zermatt station , we walked about 10 mins to reach the Hotel . We got freshed up quickly and gone out to visit the city. 

Zermatt is a very small town with beauty at every corner. There are also lot of good restaurants to eat . Once we made a city tour we had our dinner at an Italian restaurant and headed back to our hotel to call it a night. 

Day 4 , Zermatt (Matterhorn): 

On the next day , we headed to the Gornegrat station to get tickets to visit Matterhorn mountain of the Alps . 

What to do : 

  • Taking Gornregrat Bahn train /Matterhorn railway and visiting Matterhorn mountain is a day or half day tour depending on how long we spend time over there. 
  • You can take the tickets at the Gornregrat Bahn ticket station for the same day or for the next day as well . 
  • There are 4 stops along the way that allow you to explore the Alps on foot.
  • There are also many guided tours/packages online. 
  • You can stay in Zermatt and take a Matterhorn railway 🚃 to visit and come back the same day . 
  • The Gornergrat can be reached by cogwheel train from Zermatt. Zermatt can be reached by train only. If you plan to travel by car you can park in Täsch and take the train to Zermatt from there.
  • There is also a sunrise 🌅 tour at 6 am to take the train and visit the Matterhorn. We heard its very beautiful and worth taking 6am tour. 
  • Again , remember if you have a Railpass/Swiss pass you get a discounted price on the tickets to Materhorn railway. 
  • The Gornergrat train goes from the village centre in Zermatt to Gornergrat (3,089 m) in 33 minutes. From this vantage point, one of the most beautiful mountain panoramas in the world opens up – with a view of the Matterhorn (4,478 m).

Gornregrat railway 🚃 is the second highest railway in Europe after Jungfrau. We totally enjoyed the train ride , its absolutely amazing.

Day 5 , Glacier Express : 

On the next day , we took a scenic train 🚂 called Glacier Express from Zermatt to Chur .It is unbelievable experience sitting in the train and viewing the swiss beauty in a panoramic view . 

The trip on the Glacier Express is a 7½ hour express train railway journey across 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels and across the Oberalp Pass on the highest point at 2,033 m (6,670 ft) in altitude. It connects two major mountain resorts of st.Mortiz and Zermatt in Swiss Alps. It is unbelievable experience viewing the swiss beauty from panoramic view.  The train is operated jointly by the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) and Rhaetian Railway (RhB). 

You can get the tickets online for this amazing Glacier Express ride . While booking the tickets online , we also booked our lunch menu, which is amazing. 

Day 6 , Bernina Express : 

We reached Chur in the evening, and relaxed in a hotel the entire evening. And took the Bernina Express scenic train from Chur to Tirano (Italy) . 

It is not an express in the sense of being a high-speed train , we must make a seat reservation either directly when they purchase Bernina Express tickets, or pay a small supplement on top of their regional train tickets. The Bernina Express is popular with tourists and connects in Tirano with the Post Bus service via Lake Como in Italy to Lugano in Switzerland.

Both the scenic trains are absolutely amazing exprerience . 

From Tirano , we continued to Italy 🇮🇹 tour for 7 days , which I will be sharing in my later blog. 

Weather :

 We travelled around mid September till first week of Oct , weather is just perfect as it is as high as 70 and as low as 40 . But felt just prefect to visit this time of the year. 


We have applied for Schenzen visa to travel across Europe. Once issued a Schengen visa, we are eligible to travel within the whole Schengen zone. In cases if are travelling to one and only one Schengen country, we have to apply at the appropriate embassy/consulate of the certain country.If the we are planning to visit two or more Schengen countries, it is highly recommended to be apply for the visa in the embassy/consulate of the country you will be residing in for most of the travelling days, referred to as the main destination.

Please share your thoughts and questions if any in the comments section!! 

See u in my next Blog !!




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  1. knowingmystyle says:

    I loved reading this post. I have saved this for future travel planning. All pics are amazing and beautiful view. Love all your outfits ❤


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    1. Thank you Veena … one of my best vacation ever !! 😍


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