My Red Affair !

Hello my beautiful readers,

Welcome back !

This is a very special Blog post to me as it has been 6 months since I have been into this blogging world. I am really enjoying this experience as I like writing ,love to express , and like to share my Styles with others. My journey is filled with colors , smiles , sharing , support , especially from my fellow bloggers .

When I started my first blog , I was anxious to know how people will like it, excited as I am starting something new , thoughtful as in How I am going to write , what am I going to write , too many questions in my mind .. But as and when I started , I never looked back. My journey has been suppa fun with positive thoughts , fun ideas.Of course I admit I learnt a lot! as learning is the key to success. 

Thanks to one and all who supported and encouraged me and been with me through out this Journey.

Coming to my outfit , How many of you pretty woman out there love Red , love Red Dress, Gowns , I am sure almost every woman loves Red dresses and have at least one in their closet. Every girl , dreams of having a Red gown in which she looks pretty . I feel Red Dresses are meant for special occasions, so every Red dress has its own story and sweet memories behind it.

And my Red Dress is special as it is gifted by my sweet Hubby on my Anniversary.

This Gorgeous Red Gown is from a famous Designer ‘Mrunalini Rao’ , many of you must have heard her name or visited her Facebook by now. She started small and now she is a one of the leading Designers in South India. Her Amazing work , her latest styles and her breathtaking colors and designs took her there.  She has very unique way of addressing all the Fashion Trends , and her designs and the colors she choose melts our heart away. Even Indian Film actors are fascinated by her collection and are trying out her clothes. You will agree along with me , once you visit her Instagram and Facebook.

How do you order it : You can just order it by her Facebook or Instagram , and she is very friendly and lovely person, she also suggests what styles may suit you, or  if you are have a specific colors or styles in mind , you can let her know and she customize it for you.

My experience with the order : I was basically flattered by this Red Gown as soon I saw her collection in Facebook. I waited a while before I decide to order this , because she comes up with wide variety of collection every month , I liked many of those but nothing beats this Red Gown. So as I decided , I texted her in Facebook   , and she responded less than an hour we spoke regarding the measurements  , price and the date she can deliver the dress. And I got my dress delivered from India on the date she promised.  It was as simple as that. I was so impressed with the Quality of the work , Fabric and I just felt like Princess with this Gorgeous Red Gown.

So here I am with this Gorgeous dress , How do you Like it ??


    And it was everything I thought it would be.



 I have never seen Elegance go out of  Style ! 


You can shop my Look here : Mrunalini Rao Facebook

Accessories I chose ,


           These Gorgeous accessories are from Charming Charlie !


As this dress is special to my heart , I had it shoot with special people in Chicago.



They are Chicago based Photography and they are specialized with both Portrait and Event based Photography.

The name R Square has an interested story behind it ,  two passionate people named Ravi and Rahul started this, so they named it R Square Photo . These two friends started small , and now their Photography is blooming  big in Chicago area, not only in Chicago , they travel along to other states and capture Beautiful moments.

When you visit their website R Square Photo  & Facebook ,  you will surely see two beautiful models of R Square ,  a cute baby model ‘Avantika’, dont miss to see her and a gorgeous lady ‘Pratima’. These two are the beautiful icons to their Page.

I know what you were thinking after seeing their page , if you want to contact them for an Event/Portrait session , here you go  (click here) . 

Thank you R Square , for these Amazing pictures !  You made my Blog look Beautiful !


I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog today.

Until my next Blog, keep Smiling !




Swetha .










5 Comments Add yours

  1. Veena says:

    This dress is beyond beautiful. You look like a princess. Loved all the details in the dress. Congratulations on the blogging journey, more to come. Have a great week ahead Swetha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your love Veena !!😍😘


  2. siyaadaax3 says:

    This is by far my favorite of you……. the dress is stunning and ur looking gorgeous ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Siyaa ..😍 so sweet of you !!


  3. Avant-garde says:

    My oh my… Look at you… All dolled up… Gorgeous ❤ Belated Happy Anniversary to you 🙂 Cheers!


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