Personal Touch


In Today’s blog , I am talking about Trend which is stealing away peoples heart by customizing dresses  especially in South India.

These days , customized dresses have been a huge fashion and trend especially in India and particularly for traditional dresses be it a Lehanga , Blouses , Customized Sarees , Long Frocks and many more styles.  You get inspired by the Bollywood styles and dresses and wonder how can I get those dresses stitched , how do I get the Fabric , these unique boutiques gives us a way to make things happen. And I have came across one of the store called Personal Touch , in my own town , which I am very happy about.

It is one unique store which is also kind of setting the Fashion Trend by their unique style of business , by designing customized dresses and touch your heart as the name say !!

As you walk in the store , you see a huge variety of Bolts( material strolled in a roll)  in different colors and fabrics which melts your heart away. And then you choose the desired Bolt and just wrap it to see if that particular color and fabric suits you , if not they will just honor you with which ever  you ask , until you decide on the fabric. I took lot of time selecting the fabric and the color as I see a number of choices and it was hard for me to exactly pick one.  But they were very patient in showing me all the Bolts I like in desired colors.  If you like the Fabric and they don’t hold a color or shade you ask for , they dye the cloth for you, which happened to me for the blouse ,which is the best part of all because you might be very particular of the shade you want on you .  You can even show them online if you like any particular shade or style of the dress and they will take care of that.

Once you select the Fabric, color style of the dress , they take measurements and you mention them the style  you want. You can even randomly show them a style online and they take care of it.  And I have to talk about it as they stitched my dress so perfect . They are so professional at each step of the process and they made me feel beautiful in this pretty dress. They also provide online service where you can order it with what kind of dress, fabric and measurements , they absolutely take care of the specifics and they guarantee not to disappoint the customers.


And this is what I selected and made them stitch , I absolutely loved the color and the fabric. I chose  a Lehanga style cz I can either wear it for traditional occasions or I can pair it with crop top/off- shoulder  as it is a long skirt , absolutely beating the Summer Fashion trends.

And coming to the accessories , I wore something customized again made by my Aunt!! 

They are called handmade paper quilled Jewelry  which are current trend in south India , It is an art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls and arranging them to create elegant filigree. I heard it is very easy and fun making them , but never gave it a try .


Deets : 

Dress – Personal Touch

Necklace – Bohemian Jewelry , Ebay

Earrings : Bought from a local store (in India)

 Lipstick : Too Faced (my current Fav)


Thank you for reading my Blog and keep enjoying summer !














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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Very cute 🙂

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    1. Thank you!!😍


  2. stylefection says:

    Girl, you rock the ethnic!
    Do check out my blog when you can. I am sure you’ll like it!

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    1. Thank you !! Sure I will check through!! 😍


  3. chayani says:


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