Summer Vibes✌🏼️ 

Hello Friends , 

How are you all doing ? It has been a while since I blogged , really busy with my personal stuff .. And it’s being really tough to toggle between work and Blogging. I don’t complain because I really enjoy Blogging as I let out my thoughts and I enjoy writing as much as carrying out fashions. 😍

How’s your summer going friends ! Mine is suppa fun till now and planning for some fun trip this summer . 

Coming to the Blog , today I wanna talk about cold shoulder trend which is rocking the Fashion Runways and has become one of the TOP 10 fashions for summer 2016 in New York Times. 

Between all of the shoulder cut-outs and this incredibly popular off-the-shoulder look (which was everywhere), the collarbone is the most exciting fashion for spring . 

From off-the-shoulder tops to shoulder cutouts to asymmetrical necklines, it felt like no runway was left out of this trend. Dramatic sleeves, a bold color and bare shoulders gives a  chic look . You can dress up or dress down with this trendy fashion.

I found this cute cold shoulder top in Forever 21 , I just loved it because of its bell sleeves 😍and its bright color❤️. It is very comfortable to wear as it is a cotton top , perfect for a bright sunny day .. Leaving you in comfort yet fashionable. 

I wanted it to be a comfy outfit all together so preferred a cute lenin short with a belt which turned out to be perfect!! 

Coming to the accessories, how cute are they !? 😍☺️ Aren’t they perfect for this cute feminine top😍

Perfect Fashion to carry out this summer!! 😍



Shorts : FOREVER21

Pumps : FOREVER21

Bag : Wilson Leather 

Lipstick : Stilla (my favorite) 


Hope you like this Style and this Blog today !! Until my next blog stay stylish and Enjoy Hot Summer with Cold Top !! 😉😉

Luv ,

Swetha ❣


3 Comments Add yours

  1. riyanagane says:

    that shirt is super cute did you get it recently ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you .. ☺️ Yep a month ago !! 😉


      1. riyanagane says:

        oh ok im gonna look for it hopefully they still have it or maybe in another color thanks for replying


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