Glitter Jar 


 DIY Craft-Glitter Jar

Glitter Jar 2Glitter Jar 3

Organize your stuff in a Fun and Beautiful way!  I have been into DIY Crafts a lot these days. Started with Mason Jar projects as it is more easy and can be done in a lot of fun ways. I have first chosen to do something to organize my makeup stuff as I am keeping it a mess these days 😛  U believe it or not it is absolutely fun and easy. If your vanity looks more beautiful and can be made within 5$ who doesn’t  like to do it😍 Right !! So this is what I chose to do first …  I made this fabulous Glittery Mason Jar to store my makeup brushes and my matte Lipsticks. Let me share this little fun secret with you ..😉 You just need a mason jar and Glitter of your own choice and Mod Podge . You can get these things in Walmart.  Apply Mod Podge around the mason jar with a brush and sprinkle the Glitter around the jar and let it dry. Tadaa ! YOU ARE DONE ! As simple as that. Hope you enjoyed it! 😊


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