Fried Icecream


Hello Lovelies .. I have to admit something today .. I have sweet tooth and I crave for sweets all the time though I knew it is bad and has lot of calories. But I tell my self it is OK to cheat my diet sometimes if some amazing recipe comes along my way. I made this amazing dessert today..Fried Ice cream, Mexican dessert.It is so yummy and delicious  😍 I always felt it is not possible or rather tough to do at home by seeing at it 🙈 But i just tried.. worth a try , And turned out yum.. 🍧😋😋😋 Felt like sharing this awesome simple recipe with u..

Prep time – 5 mins 👍 Cooking time – 5 mins

  • Take couple of bread slices and cut the crusts (edges) and roll it to flatten the bread slices.
  • Take a scoop of ice-cream of any flavor (I prefer vanilla) , place it between the bread slices and roll it as a ball > Freeze those balls (as many of your choice😋) for couple of hours , so that it holds tight and gets the shape.
  • Fry them at 300F for 4 secs until the bread gets the light brown texture and       remove it.
  • Yess!! 😍 you are done ..! Garnish with sugar and Hershey’s chocolate syrup!!😋😋
    I prefer serving them hot !! As tastes suppa delicious!🍧




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